It’s time to take back the South

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Where does C. Furr, writer of the letter, “Freedoms come from God, not soldiers,” come from? He or she is not from our area and needs to go back to wherever he or she came from. I have had it with these Yankees coming down here telling us what we need to do.

If the the North was so great,  why do you not go back? If you choose to live in the South, please do not bring your nasty attitudes here. We do not want them.

Something else, do we not use school buses anymore? People who have to get to work in the morning are tied up with the mini-van, SUV moms in the morning.

Put your precious little Dick and Jane back on the bus and stop tying up traffic for people who need to go to work.

Get back in the kitchen and make a cake.

David Whiting

Indian Land