It’s time to make B3 zoning changes

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The need for B3 zoning revision in Indian Land is well established. The concern of established landowners that the owner of an adjacent property zoned B3 will suddenly decide to switch to a different, less desirable, but still allowed under current law use is real and immediate.
The column previously published here detailed changes to the B3 zoning classification in Indian Land that would remove most of this threat.
In summary:
1. Old B3’s 89 permitted uses, plus 30 conditional uses are replaced with new B3’s 10 permitted uses and 21 conditional uses.
2. All uses present under the old B3 are still present, but the changes most likely to cause conflict between adjacent property owners require rezoning under the new system. The rezoning process is intended to bring out these conflicts and get them resolved before substantial money is committed.
3. The underlying idea is that the rights of existing property owners to continue to enjoy their property as they have been doing are at least equal to the rights of property owners desiring to change the use of their property.
The county’s interest is best served if these conflicts are identified and, preferably, negotiated between the parties or, if necessary, adjudicated before substantial money is spent.
4. The proposal was developed in Indian Land by Indian Land residents and contractors because that is where the need is greatest.
Initially, the changes will apply only in the area served by the Indian Land and Pleasant Valley fire departments.
If other areas of the county want to adopt the program, that is very easily done. It is anticipated that, at the beginning, other areas of the county may react with understandable concern and suspicion toward the changes.
This process has been going on for five years. It is time to get it done.

J.R. Wilt
Van Wyck