Instead of complaining, help community

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By The Staff

A group of us wanted to respond to Sheila Bickford’s letter attacking Mick Mulvaney – and the rest of us – for helping mow the grass recently on U.S. 521.

This was not a campaign “stunt.” The idea was brought up at our weekly Indian land Rotary group, of which Mick is a member. Rotary was planning to pick up trash on the road, but could not because the grass was too high. Several folks commented that mowing the grass would improve safety for kids and parents, especially around the school, and would also make our community look better.

After the fact, we found out that the Sheriff’s Office was even thankful because officers could see speeders in a congested school zone.

Mick took the lead on getting this together, as he has with other projects in the past. But it wasn’t about him. It was about our community. This is what we do in Indian Land: pitch in together to help improve our community. It’s the biggest reason why a group of us, Mick included, started the Indian Land Rotary.

Sure, this is a campaign season. And if this was an isolated event, Mrs. Bickford’s criticism of Mick might have some basis. What she hasn’t seen – probably because she isn’t involved herself – is how Mick and the rest of us do stuff year-round. Fom planting flowers at the school to picking up trash to donating books to the school library, Mick, and the entire Rotary group, are working hard to improve Indian Land.

So, in a perfect world, Mrs. Bickford owes Hans Lengers, David Freeman, Brodie Freeman, Dylan Deese, River Landry and the rest of us an apology. She owes one to Mick as well, but Mick would probably just rather see her join our Rotary group and get involved. So would we.

Our group meets Tuesday mornings at the Scout Hut at Belair UMC. Breakfast starts at 7, and the program starts at 7:30.

Everyone – including Ms. Bickford – is welcome.

We have enough people writing hateful letters and complaining. We need more folks to help out.

Kevin Sexton

Indian Land

James Brooks

Van Wyck