Indian Land High School

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Warrriors cherish one last dance together

By Reece Murphy

INDIAN LAND – It’s not that there was an absence of decorum during Indian Land High School’s graduation ceremony on Friday, May 31. There was plenty, and it was moving.
But forget about a somber, slow “Pomp and Circumstance,” total silence during the processional and rigid adherence to staid commencement traditions under penalty of public humiliation – Indian Land High School’s class of 2013 had a last dance celebration.
And why not? They had a lot to be happy about.
“This celebration signifies the final chapter of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood,” ILHS Principal Davis Shamble said addressing the school’s 179 graduates. “New endeavors, college for some and careers for others, will be pursued as you enter the next phase of your life.
“This is your day, and today we celebrate you,” he said.
Among the reasons to celebrate, Shamble said, was that nearly a quarter of the class of 2013 graduated with honors, wrapping up their high school careers with GPAs greater than 3.875.
During her speech, salutatorian Emily Kreibich talked about the common struggles she and her classmates overcame to get where they were Friday, standing in the doorway of their futures as adults.
She urged her classmates to celebrate and thank those who supported them all these years: friends, teachers, and most of all, family.
Kreibich said though it was, indeed a time to celebrate, it was also a time to persevere.
“After all,” Kreibich said, “high school has merely been a step leading up to a much longer path, on which we will either succumb to the obstacles that block our way, or fight our way to success, continuing the struggle that has led us to our place in this ceremony here today.”
Class valedictorian Daniel Crofford called on his classmates to never stop learning, and develop the habit of learning from every experience, good or bad, significant or mundane.
“The potential for a generation that uses every situation to better themselves and those around them has unlimited opportunities,” Crofford said. “That kind of generation can be the best this world has ever seen.
“So, what kind of class and generation are we going to be?” he asked.
With the speeches done, Indian Land High School’s newest alumni lined up to receive their hard-earned diplomas – and that’s when the dancing started.
“I’ve been crying all day,” said Sarah Torrence, who danced amongst the crowd, arms raised in silent victory upon hearing son Michael Huntley’s name called. “I’m just really proud of my son.
“We’ve had our ups and downs, but we made it through,” she said. “They said ‘No clapping.’ I said, ‘OK, I’ma dance.’”
Of course, parents weren’t the only ones dancing the “Graduation Shimmy,” either: brothers Kentavis Vinson and Devante’ Benjamin had the fever too – and a diploma apiece was definitely worth cutting loose over.
“Makes me feel like a free man!” Vinson said shaking it on down.

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