Indian Land Democratic Club endorses Brann

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The Indian Land Democratic Club is proud to announce its endorsement of Keith Brann for South Carolina Senate, District 16.
Brann is running on a platform that includes business and job recruitment, tax reform, term limits, spending transparency, support for public education, green technology and open and accountable government.
As a group of voters, we feel that it is important to elect qualified candidates to public office.
Brann has bachelor degrees in business administration, accounting and economics and a master’s degree in taxation. He is a tax advisory member for the S.C. Chamber of Commerce and has 25 years of accounting experience in the private sector.
Brann has said: “Within the boundaries of the budget, government should be a place where people come together to solve problems for the common good.”
He will not be beholden to one group politically. All constituents will be granted equal access and opportunity to support their positions on any issue.
More information can be found at www.BrannforSenate.org.
The Indian Land Democratic Club encourages all Democrats to vote on April 12.

Sheila Bickford, chairman
Indian Land Democratic Club