Indian Land’s growth must be better managed

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We recently moved to Indian Land and are building a house in Van Wyck. We are struck by the opportunity and the risk ahead for Lancaster County.

Ballantyne is growing at a rapid rate and will continue to grow down U.S. 521 toward Lancaster.

We’re all for development, but if it is not properly managed, Indian Land will become the next Huntersville or Fort Mill and will be nothing but gridlock, overcrowded schools and poorly planned roads. With proper planning, the Panhandle can be the crown jewel of Lancaster County. 

The decision to add several hundred homes at TreeTops is an example of a horrible, poorly planned decision.

How is narrow, poorly maintained Van Wyck Road going to accommodate that additional traffic? How are the overcrowded Indian Land schools going to handle the additional students? There is no compelling reason for this decision. 

Plan accordingly; the growth is coming. Avoid short-sighted decisions that will have lasting, negative impacts.

Brady and Rachel Teague

Indian Land