Important to get involved in community

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Sandy McGarry

Lancaster County Republicans place a high priority upon civic involvement, which is a value shared by many Lancaster County residents, regardless of political affiliation.
Our county is blessed with many caring citizens from many walks of life who are committed to making a difference. One of the top priorities of the Lancaster County Republican Party is making sure every citizen – Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike – who wants to make a difference has an opportunity to do so.
One avenue in which all citizens can get involved in their communities is through serving on local boards and commissions. About a dozen boards and commissions are appointed by County Council to help make important decisions about county government, such as economic development, fire departments, zoning and libraries. These give citizens opportunities to volunteer their time and expertise to work with their neighbors to make our county a better place to live for all of us.
While conservatives believe the best government is often that which is limited, local and accountable, not every issue these boards deal with are partisan in the traditional sense. Issues such as managing growth and fire safety are ones where every citizen who cares can offer new ideas and leadership, no matter what their party affiliation may be. We encourage every concerned citizen to get involved.
If you go to the county government website, you’ll find a list of boards and commissions, which includes information about what they do, who serves on those boards and how you can seek an appointment.
You can also learn more about local government by attending any one of several monthly meetings held by Republicans across the county, including the monthly county GOP meeting, which is held at Mike Williams Builders, 1351 Charlotte Highway, Lancaster on every third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.
The challenges we face, such as attracting jobs, protecting our quality of life, keeping our communities and families safe and making sure all parts of the county are treated equally and fairly, offer benefits to all Lancaster County residents and require everyone to get involved.
Lancaster Republicans are committed to giving everyone a chance to make a difference in their communities.
Help us make Lancaster County a better place for everyone by getting involved.