IL voters overwhelmingly approve fire district

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By Reece Murphy

INDIAN LAND – Voters in Indian Land overwhelmingly approved a proposed fire protection tax district in a non-binding advisory referendum Tuesday.
The vote was 1,187 in favor and 86 opposed.
The fire protection district is intended to raise money for the Indian Land Fire Department through a $75 annual fee assessed on homes. Businesses and other users would be assessed at $75 per 2,500 square feet.
According to the Lancaster County Voter Registration Office, the precinct with the largest numbers of voters was Belair I with 954 in favor of the referendum and 26 against.
The Belair I precinct includes Sun City Carolina Lakes, which turned out a large bloc of voters by itself.
"Out of those 954 (voting at the Belair I poll), I'd estimate 900 were from Sun City," Voter Registration Office Director Cassie Stump said.
Other precincts paled in comparison:
• Residents of the Belair II precinct voted 141 in favor of the referendum versus 35 against.
• Residents of the Van Wyck  precinct voted 15 in favor of the referendum versus three against.
• Residents of the Pleasant Valley II precinct was the only precinct in which referendum foes prevailed voting eight for and 14 against.
• Absentee voters, approved the referendum 69 to eight.
Stump said the vote totals will be certified Friday.
In all, however, Sump said the turnout was good — for a special election. About 17 percent of the eligible voters took part in the referendum.
"If you get any kind of turnout if it's not a general election, then you're lucky," Stump said. "We usually don't even get much of a turn out for the primaries."

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