IL development still in limbo

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No stakeholders claim property in county tax sale

By Reece Murphy

Troubled Indian Land residential development Edenmoor remains in limbo after stake-holders failed to claim 77 parcels of land Monday at a Lancaster County tax sale.
Meanwhile, the county’s Forfeited Land Commission is now requesting bid proposals for 222 parcels offered at a tax sale last year.
Because a defaulting taxpayer, mortgage creditor, leasee, judgment creditor or any owner of record failed to redeem the property during the tax sale, the property will now join the previous 222 parcels under the control of the county Forfeited Land Commission, said Lancaster County Tax Collector Debbie Hardin.
The last owner of record, and defaulting tax payer, was Lawson’s Bend LLC.
“They have a year to redeem the property, and if they don’t, the Forfeited Land Commission will put them up for bid,” Hardin said.
Hardin said the 222 properties now up for bid came out of the redemption period on Nov. 3.
The total amount owed on those properties, the request for proposals shows, is $8.3 million.
The estimated value of all properties owned by Lawson’s Bend LLC is just over $30 million, according to the county Tax Assessor’s Office.
County Administrator Steve Willis said until the tax and ownership issues are straightened out, the status of the Emergency Medical Services building and parks on the property remains in limbo as well.
Willis hopes a developer will realize the potential of the property.
“Our biggest hope is for a developer to come in and have the capability to carry the project to completion,” Willis said. “But first they’ve got to come up with $8 million.”
Edenmoor is located off U.S. 521 near Jim Wilson Road. The 800-acre development is one of the largest planned development districts every approved in the county. It originally called for 2,000 homes, an EMS station, tennis courts and a 69-acre $4.2 million park.
The property has sat unfinished and largely unused since June 2009, when $2.2 million in liens were filed by contractors working on the project.
Since then, much of the park has fallen into disrepair with vacant buildings vandalized and roads crumbling. Much of the property suffers from erosion.
There are 68 homes in the development, according to the assessor’s office.

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