IL Community Clean-up set April 2-9

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Melvin Threatt said in the story, “Mulvaney backing Gregory at Sun City,” in the Feb. 4 edition of The Lancaster News that Sun City was the place to be if you are a candidate. Threatt, who organized the event at Sun City, went on to say, “If you want votes, this is where you should be.”
Mr. Threatt, I must say that I am an Indian Land native, and I also hope, that I am a voice for many Indian Land natives.
I do not agree with your perspective, Mr. Threatt. Indian Land was a community long before Sun City, which is only a neighborhood within our community. I am a proud Indian Land native who is a registered voter. I remember and will never forget what Indian Land was like growing up here.
I beg to differ with Mr. Threatt and anyone else who feels like Sun City is where the votes are. There are lots of registered voters within the Indian Land community.
We can teach a few things like having manners and that no one is better than anyone else because of the neighborhood they live in.
Indian Land natives are becoming out-numbered by the growth, but we are still here and that needs not to be forgotten.
I am personally backing Brian Carnes for my next senator, not because of my neighborhood or his, but because this is a godly man doing this for all the right reasons. It is not for power or status, but because he has a heart to serve the people and, I say, all the people of District 16.
He is a strong conservative with a plan to help everyone. He listens; he is fair. He can get the job done as a conservative leader on the first day on the job.
If you are not a registered voter, I hope that this may encourage you to take advantage of your God-given freedom to vote. I hope that you will pray about who you will vote for.  
I also hope that all Indian Land natives will join me in letting our voices be heard. We are still here and proud.

Judy Faulkner
Indian Land