If the Second falls, so do the rest

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The Obama administration wants more gun restrictions. The justice department isn’t enforcing the laws that are already on the books. They  say they don’t have the money, yet the president wants more laws. What he and others would like is confiscation. I hope everyone realizes, even the hunters could lose use of their guns if the Feinstein bill passes. There are so many restrictions in her bill it will make almost every rifle, some home-defense shotguns and every pistol with a removable magazine illegal.
It’s time to call, e-mail or write every lawmaker in Congress. If we allow these restrictions to pass, it could be the beginning of the end for gun owners. Background checks equals registration equals confiscation equals extinction.
When the Nazis took over Germany, the first thing they did was register the guns. Then they confiscated the guns, allowing them to march millions of Jews off to prison camps. When Stalin took over Russia, it was the same thing. He disposed of anyone opposing him. The Second Amendment was put in place to  protect us from a tyrant government. If the Second falls, so do the rest.
I’m asking everyone to get involved and let Congress and the president  know. Enforce the Second Amendment.

C.L. Blackmon