ID required for almost everything

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I find it appaling that a government issued ID is not already required to vote, especially in a country that has seen identity theft run rampant. The contention is that the poor and minorities would have problems paying the fees to obtain a government-issued ID.
“Voting law opponents contend these laws disproportionately affect elderly, minority and low-income groups that tend to vote Democratic. Obtaining photo ID can be costly and burdensome, with even free state IDs requiring documents like a birth certificate that can cost up to $25 in some places,” said Suevon Lee in the Aug. 16 edition of Lee ProPublica.
I can assure you that these same people (poor and minorities) have to hand over proper ID to get their welfare, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid – so why not for the priviledge of voting?
Our country is cursed with trying to always bend for the minority population. That results in reverse discrimination for everyone else.

Mary Ann Ranta