I am kicking my voting habit

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By The Staff

I have a confession to make. I helped John Spratt get elected in 1982. Like so many other conservatives I have voted for him and encouraged others to vote for him in every election since then through and including 2008.

In short, I have voted for John all 14 times, and would have this year too had he not voted for the bailouts, the stimulus, cap and trade and the healthcare bill. The John Spratt I voted for in 1982 would not have cast those votes, for back then he was a conservative southern Democrat.

But if he was fiscally conservative once, he no longer is. John’s voting record has shown that he has been in Washington, D.C. much too long. By his votes, John Spratt now clearly favors a larger more intrusive and controlling federal government.

John’s career is being a politician, which in my view is a real problem for us and our district. Over the years I have become more and more convinced of the wisdom of having “citizen” legislators, i.e., people who actually have a career other than being a politician. People who have a career in the private sector that they leave to serve in Congress for several years, and then come back to their private sector career. Those people take their private life experiences in business, banking, law, medicine, farming, manufacturing, etc. to Washington, D.C. Those private life experiences help them form their views and their votes. Those are people who remember what it is like in the private sector, because that is where their career is, where they came from and where they will be returning. Those are people who understand how citizens and business are really affected by well-intentioned but misguided legislation and government regulations. There was a time that I could say that about John. He used to be a banker/lawyer. Sadly, that time seems to have passed. I do not want anyone in office who can accurately be described as a “career” politician, which would describe almost all who serve today, including John.

John seems to have lost his way. John is no longer in tune with our district. His voting record over the last two years could easily be mistaken for that of a congresswoman representing San Francisco. I am not from San Francisco, do not think like its congresswoman, and do not want a congressman who does.

I believed in 1982, and continue to believe today that John Spratt is highly intelligent, hard-working and honest. John Spratt is an honorable man, a man for whom I have great admiration and respect. I also believe that John has changed over the years, and not in a good way. While John Spratt has been a dedicated public servant, his voting record does not coincide at all with the views of the majority of our district. It is time for him to be called back to York. Our district needs a new voice in Congress, one which will be more reflective of our values and our views.

Like so many people I have spoken with over the last several months, I am kicking my voting habit. I will be voting for change we can really count on and believe in. I will be voting for the change our district desperately needs. I will be voting for Mick Mulvaney for Congress and urge you to do the same.

Will Tindal