Humane Society needs volunteers who have heart full of compassion

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By Mary Reimers

I recently visited the animal shelter. It was not a trip I was looking forward to, yet one I had to make. I went because as a member of the Humane Society it is now my job to list all pets in the shelter. We list them so we can give these little ones a small chance at life.

The animal control officer on duty asked me to take a seat and said he would get me the list. He told me there would be more animals in the pens than were on the list. He was getting ready “to put them down,” the terminology used for killing them. It was a job he said he didn’t like.

With my list in hand, I walked past each run and compared the numbers. The numbers not on the list were scheduled to be “put down.” So I crouched and gently spoke to them and watched as their eyes lit up, their tails wagged, their little rumps moving from side to side. The pleading eyes seemed to be saying “please take me.” But I could not.

The Humane Society is so short of foster homes for these pets that we simply cannot take in any more. Some volunteers are now fostering more than 20 animals.

The sad eyes belonged to adult dogs and cats, puppies and kittens. My heart was breaking.

It was the hardest walk I ever took. But I’ll be back in a day or two to do it all over again.

I urge you to walk through the shelter and look at the pleading eyes or hear the yip of an excited puppy or sweet meow of little kittens, who want nothing more than to curl up in your lap.

And after that walk give us a call and donate your time, your love and your home. Being a foster home is only temporary, a place we can put them when their time is up at the shelter until we can find them forever homes.

Come visit our office at 126 S. Main St. for information or come by on Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. to see some of the pets up for adoption. You can also attend one of our open meetings at 6:45 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month at Covenant Baptist Church on Craig Manor Road.

You don’t need a lot of money to help out. All you need is a heart full of love to give one who has probably never been loved before. Please call our hot line at 285-5900 to foster or volunteer.

Mary Reimers is a member of the Humane Society of Lancaster County Inc.