Humane Society of Lancaster grateful for community support

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By Mary Reimers

Last month the Humane Society of Lancaster SC spent about $1,100 buying eight tons of dog food so we could help feed the needy pets of our county.
Pets that might otherwise end up in the county animal shelter because their owners are having a very hard time financially and cannot feed them.
One of our main goals is to help as many pets as we can in whatever way is needed and by providing them with food.
On August 20, we held the first of many free pet food pantries. We were able to help out quite a few and that was a very good thing. Earlier last week we received a call from Katie Powell with Duracell/Proctor and Gamble with an offer of eight pallets of pet food. That was a stunning and generous offer.
The only problem was we had to find a way to get it from Duracell to our climate-controlled storage unit and we had to move it by the end of the week.
We had someone lined up with a truck who could do this for us, but at the last minute his truck broke down. We were in a real bind.
Brandy Sweisberger, vice president of the organization, wrote County Administrator Steve Willis and explained our dilemma.
Steve graciously offered the use of a truck along with two men from public works, Steve and Roger.
Our cavalry arrived - not on horse back but driving a long bed trailer loaded with tons of pet food.
Unfortunately the truck was too large and long to enter where our storage unit is located and though they tried very hard for about 30 minutes the only headway they made was to cause a rut where their back wheels were and they got stuck.
So, they had to send for a front-end loader to get them out and then carry the pallets of food up the hill to our unit. They delivered the food with the front-end loader and then helped us unload the pallets by hand and carry it bag by bag inside.
It was a very hot and humid day and even with the problems we all managed to laugh through our work and at the end knew that it was a job well done.
Knowing that we can now feed many more pets is what made it all worth it. We worked and sweated and got dirty and tired, but still had a good time helping the pets.
Soon we will hold another free pet food pantry and will be doing one each month until this food is gone.
We continue to do lower-cost spay and neuter for the county’s cats and dogs.
With the proceeds from our sponsorship of the Lancaster Beach Bingo, we hope to be able to do much more in the near future.
We have been here for four years now and have no doubt we will be around for many years to come.
We send at big thank you to everyone who helped.
To find out more about the food pantry and the spay and neuter program please visit our web site at www.savelancasterscpets.org or call (803) 289-9820.