Howell letter: Vote no to Sunday alcohol sales

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In just a few days, the voters of Lancaster County will decide whether to allow alcohol by the drink on Sunday.
We were told in the  Oct. 12 edition of The Lancaster News by those supporters that this will bring more jobs and improve the quality of life for all Lancaster residents.
I heard this same pitch made before Lancaster County Council concerning suspending the blue laws. We were told then this would be next. I know we have already revisited that but, let’s look at what that cost us. There are now families who cannot be in the Sunday worship services together on a weekly basis because Mom and Dad are on their jobs in retail. In my business – the father’s business – the kingdom suffereth violence when the kingdom of darkness advances. Well, that wasn’t enough. Now we can buy alcohol at outdoor venues and festivals.
Tell me, citizens, would you consider that to be family-oriented events? Does this mean that at the Christmas parade alcohol will be sold or we haven’t considered that yet? I am showing you in a relevant way what it is costing us to move Lancaster forward in unrighteousness.
I am sure this information is available to our leaders, as well as us, but how much of our violent crimes committed here are alcohol- and/or drug-related? In 2004, I settled my family here and bought a house in Lancaster after pastoring nearby for 10 years because of the quality of life that was here. I am now having second thoughts about that decision.
I’ve made the following observations: 1. This downward spiral will not stop with a Sunday drink. You might as well look for the convenience stores and grocery stores to line up and demand a piece of the pie and maybe ABC stores as well.
2. What image will this project that we need alcohol seven days a week?
3. What does this say about the restaurants that are poised to profit from our misery?
I pray for Lancaster on Tuesday nights at church with my hands laying on the county map, especially on the X that highlights where 11 people have lost their lives to violence. When Jesus was told by the Pharisees to rebuke his disciples in Luke 19: 39, he said to them I tell you that if these should hold their peace the stones would immediately cry out.
When I stand before my maker, I don’t want to be guilty for being a silent witness.
Barry Howell