Hospital lifts flu restrictions

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By Spring Memorial Hospital

Springs Memorial Hospital

Effective Friday, Feb. 15, Springs Memorial Hospital has lifted flu visitation restrictions.

The hospital announced Nov. 30, 2012, it was implementing a temporary limited visitation policy due to the high number of flu cases in the area.

That policy prohibited children under age 12 from visiting patient rooms and emergency room patients. Those with respiratory infection symptoms (coughing, sneezing, runny nose or fever) were asked not to visit SMH until their conditions passed.

“According to the CDC flu report released Feb. 15, South Carolina currently has minimal flu activity”, said Leslie Lloyd, a registered nurse and the infection preventionist at SMH.

“Springs Memorial has had a minimal number of confirmed influenza patients through the Emergency Department this month.  Due to a combination of the CDC’s report and the low number of cases, we are lifting the visitation restrictions.”

The administration and staff of Springs Memorial wishes to thank the community for assisting us with adhering to these restrictions during the height of flu season.