Horton has opened my eyes to landfill issue

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Garbage has to be dumped somewhere, but not in my backyard, well at least not North Carolina’s. It is so easy to slumber through issues that seemingly don’t affect us. Hang on! This guy named Gary Horton opened my eyes with his article in Friday’s paper.
My neighborhood on Charlotte Road is busy as a bee. So much so that I have long delays pulling out of my driveway. Now, our county administration is mulling over the merits of some new funds in the treasury versus about 176 dump trucks hauling garbage right down in front of my home.
Of course, it will offer seniors having breakfast at Bojangle’s something to see. Our S.C. 9 Bypass, the neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Antioch, Primus, Rich Hill and Flat Creek will also share in this great event and probably accumulate some refuse, which always seems to blow off passing trucks.
The Lancaster County ol’ boy network is in full swing and, as usual, when the stench gets strong, memory loss occurs. In the event this great landfill is approved, we should get truck number 177 loaded down with those Lancaster County officials who approved such a mess. You know, clean house.
W.B. Evans