Hoops game turns violent

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Report says man pulled gun from pocket at Connor Park

By Jesef Williams

A high-stakes basketball game reportedly turned violent last week at Connor Street Park. 

A Lancaster man told police he was playing basketball at the park between 8:30 and 8:50 p.m. July 23 when he was robbed at gunpoint.  

The victim said he was playing ball with the assailant when the victim made a $1,000 bet on a game of one-on-one between the two, according to a Lancaster Police Department incident report. 

The assailant told the victim to go get the money. The victim went home to get the money and came back to the park, the report said. 

The victim showed the money. The two then argued after the victim wanted to back out of the game. At that point, the assailant reached into his pocket and grabbed a gun, according to the victim’s recount to police. 

“A female approached the two men and told (the assailant) that he did not need to be disrespecting the kids in the park by messing around them with that gun,” an officer wrote in the report. 

The assailant reportedly apologized for having the gun and left the park in a black Chevrolet Avalanche. 

About 20 minutes later, the assailant returned driving a burgundy Lincoln Town Car. The passenger in the Lincoln reportedly had a bag that belonged to the victim. 

When the victim asked for the bag back, the passenger pulled out a gun and told him to back up, the report said. 

The car then drove away. 

The woman at the park later told an officer that the initial assailant had a black pistol, possibly a .380. Police later identified the initial assailant and believed to know the name of the passenger. 

The initial assailant’s name is listed on the police report as a suspect. As of the report, no arrests have been made. 

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