Holidays gone, but weight remains

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Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis

Father Christmas is truly long gone, but is the weight still here? 

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to detox (detoxify). 

A good detox can help you loose weight easily, boost your health points, shed up to 5 pounds a week safely and gain sound knowledge for lasting health. You can get that Jennifer Hudson look without counting the points. 

The problem is what is a good Detox program? 

This is where ayurveda comes in. Ayurveda means “the science of life” and is a sophisticated Eastern holistic healing system that has been used in India for more than 5,000 years. It helps individuals adjust their health with ease through working with fundamental body principles. 

If you want to lose up to 5 pounds a week, here are seven things to do. 

– Juice – Juicing helps us to clear the toxins, lighten up the metabolism needed for fat burning and provides a much needed nutritional boost. Drink fresh or store-bought juices for three to five days. You can add green food that helps melt the fat away and boost energy. If you’re working, pregnant, nursing, ill or diabetic then include lots of salad, vegetables and soups during this period. Then, when you go back to normal eating, keep on juicing. Don’t stop.

Here is one juice recipe:


2 carrots

1/2 beet root

1 teaspoon of Green Powder (available from GNC)

1 cup of water, soy or almond milk

Sweeten with a little honey


– Blend and drink

– Cut back on refined carbohydrates and caffeine – Refined carbohydrates have a tendency to interfere with the workings of metabolism. Remember it must be in fine metal to burn that fat. They also wreak other havocs on our body by putting too much sugar in it (know that sugar gets converted to fat). So cut back on cakes, biscuits, pastas and chocolates. If you can’t give up pasta or eating loads of bread, buy gluten-free varieties. You won’t put on an ounce of weight.  For gluten free shopping – try Earth Fare in Pineville or the nearest Walmart or Food Lion.  

– Don’t eat after 6 p.m. – Everything in nature – including the human body – has a set biorhythm. If you eat after 6 p.m., the body will not properly break down your meal. This causes a build-up of toxins, which equals fat and illness. If you must eat after 6 p.m., then do so in small amounts and light meals. Think soups, vegetables and salads.

– Purge – When I grew up in the islands, this is something we use to do often. It was called “having a clean out.” In Eastern medicine, when you do a detox, you must purge. This allows all the toxins to be completely released from the system. A purge is done by taking castor oil or having an enema. The best time to purge is before or at the end of starting your juicing plan.

– Sweat – Sweating allows toxins to move outward. In Eastern medicine, this can be done through exercise, having full body to foot baths and regular saunas. For an extra sweat, put two cups of sea salt and Epsom salt in your bath water. 

– Self massage – This helps break down fatty tissues and eliminate toxins from the body. Imagine there are five lines running down your legs. Starting from the top of your leg massage them going down the first line in long sweeping motions. Repeat this action for each of the five lines. When you have completed one massage sequence then repeat it several times for up to two minutes. 

– Meditate – What does meditation have to do with loosing weight and detoxing? Well, just about everything. Let’s face it; we often tend to overeat and head for the cookie jar when we are stressed, upset and emotional. Meditation helps to reduce stress levels, drop blood pressure and keep us in that sweet spot called peace. 

To have a good detox, follow the above suggestions (except the purge this is only done once) for up to 21 days. 

One more thing - you don’t have to stop your new good habits when you have finished. Why not continue them? 

Good luck and enjoy.


– Health educator and ayurvedic practitioner Omileye Achikeobi–Lewis is the author of several wellness books including “Seven Principles of Wellness.” If you have any questions, e-mail her at www.yeyeosun.com