Historic jail should be preserved

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By The Staff

This letter is in response to the gentleman who has the opinion that the historic Lancaster County jail is not worth saving. He seemed to take great pride in knowing about the great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, but admitted not knowing anything about another great architect, Robert Mills, who was born almost 100 years before Wright.

If this gentleman had taken a moment to research the name Robert Mills, he would have found that he was the first professionally trained architect born in America – in Charleston, S.C., in 1781. Known for designing numerous official buildings, he is most famous for helping with the design of the Washington Monument and many other government buildings in Washington, D.C., including the Department of Treasury and the U.S. Patent Office.

In South Carolina, Mills designed county courthouses in at least 18 counties, including Lancaster County, some of the public buildings in Columbia and a few private houses. He also designed portions of Landsford Canal on the Catawba River in Chester County.

If we, as taxpayers, can spend millions of dollars building much-needed new county buildings, why can’t we spend several hundred thousand to preserve a historic building? In my opinion, the Lancaster County jail is a part of history that deserves to be preserved.

Dianne McManus