Hirtle ‘hero’ to stranded driver and passengers

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There are so many negative thinking individuals of our town who fail to recognize the Lancaster Police Department for the fine job their staff and officers are doing protecting us all.
On July 28, 2013, about 10:30 a.m., I saw one officer in action. At the corner of Woodland and Crescent drives, a very busy area, my car stopped. My daughter was driving me to physical therapy. My 18-year-old mentally-challenged great-grandson was also in the car with us. The temperature was in the 85-90 degree, plus range. I am unable to walk and my daughter was one week post-op major surgery.
We called AAA and a friend to pick us up. AAA meanwhile called the police department. After a brief chase and capturing a burglary suspect, along came our hero, Officer Michael Hirtle, to our rescue.
He apologized for the delay and immediately, with the help of my great-grandson, pushed my car onto Crescent out of the line of traffic. Several minutes later my friends arrived. Officer Hirtle graciously assisted carrying me to my friend’s other car. She turned on her air conditioner while we waited for AAA to arrive. In less than five minutes, her car sputtered and cut off. She was out of gas. She called her daughter, who worked only a couple of blocks away to bring us her car. In the meantime, Officer Hirtle offered to take me to my therapy, but I thanked him and declined. My session was only from 11:15 to 12:15 and it was almost 11:45. He let my great-grandson sit in his air-conditioned car. Because of the medications he takes and the heat, he could have had a seizure.
AAA finally arrived with gas for my friend’s car to get it started. My car had to be towed to the shop. This was a tough day with everything going wrong that could go wrong. But thanks to Officer Hirtle the day was not a complete waste. He is indeed a great asset to the Lancaster Police Department.

Lillie M. Timmons