Heath Springs streets look like landfills

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By The Staff

Something needs to be done about littering in the southern end of our town. I live in this part of town near the projects.

Ride down these streets any time of day or night and you will see liquor bottles, beer bottles, diapers, marijuana bags, couches and mattresses strewn in ditches.

After I got home from work Tuesday, someone had discarded a headboard in the ditch behind my home. A little way down the street are piles of trash and mattresses that have been there for months.

My father lives near this neighborhood and he has complained to our town council about this problem.

I called Mayor Ann Taylor at home to complain, also. She said that our complaints are noted, but that doesn’t get the place cleaned up.

Perhaps HUD could make the property managers do better? My next letter will be to them to see if something can be done. Perhaps the managers could have a dumpster put on that property for the residents to throw large items away.

My family lived in those apartments 49 years ago. And my grandmother lived there until her death in 1973. In those days, families took pride in the neighborhood and you never saw one piece of trash in the area.

Where has that pride gone? If I see someone litter in my yard, you can bet that I will press charges against that individual.

But the mayor says I’ll have to call the litter control officer in Lancaster and let him handle the situation. I hope he’s not too busy as animal control officer to answer my complaint. How are we to become a first-class city hoping to draw businesses into town when it is littered with trash?

Wanda Mackey

Heath Springs