Heath Springs judge requests software to aid record keeping

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By Jesef Williams

HEATH SPRINGS – Heath Springs officials await more details before voting on whether to pay for computer software requested by town judge Johnny Steele.

At its Jan. 15 meeting, Town Council had an item on its agenda to consider a piece of software provided by Nichols Business Systems that aids record keeping.

Heath Springs Mayor Ann Taylor said the city of Lancaster and town of Fort Lawn use the same software.

It’s expected to have an initial $2,000 fee, as well as a $200 monthly charge.

Aside from that, Taylor said she isn’t versed on the software and said council would need to get more information from Steele, who wasn’t at Tuesday’s meeting.

“He really recommends it. It’s very good with keeping records,” Taylor said.

“He says it will pay for itself,” she said. “He’ll have to explain it to you.” 

Council later agreed to ask Steele to present his request in person at council’s February meeting.

Steele, who was named  the town’s judge late last year, had worked in Fort Lawn in the same capacity. In Heath Springs, he succeeds Van Richardson.

Recreation board appointment

Also on council’s agenda was a request to appoint a Heath Springs representative on the Lancaster County Parks and Recreation board, also known as the Joint Recreation Commission.

Heath Springs shares a member with the town of Kershaw. The most recent representative, who lives in Kershaw, stepped down, so the successor has to be from Heath Springs.

The two towns rotate representatives.

Heath Springs Town Council members suggested two names, but want to ask those people personally before going any further.

“I want someone who’ll scratch and fight for us,” Taylor said. “Someone who will go to bat for us when an issue comes up.”

Council voted unanimously to postpone naming a representative until February.


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