Heath Springs Elementary first class everyday

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By The Staff

During the recent political campaign I heard candidates mention the local school districts as the city of Lancaster, Indian Land and the rural districts of Buford and Kershaw. I wanted to remind them that we are in reality, one district. Most of us feel very positive about the school our children or grandchildren attend, and so do I.

Outside the Lancaster city limits and just before you reach the Kershaw city limits, you will pass a very special place. Just off the main highway is Heath Springs Elementary School, not only a “community of learners,” but a community of adults committed to a positive impact upon the children they serve.

When the school year started, we encouraged a positive approach to the opportunity for education and renewal of children’s friendships.

In truth, it is still a little sad because we are “lending” our most precious assets – our children – to the care and nurturing of others.

On the first day of school, a beaming and enthusiastic lady was standing directly in the entrance to the school. She welcomed each child with a huge smile and put her arms around each one. Trudie Mason, the guidance counselor, made that day seem like it would be a great year.

Many people at Heath Springs Elementary worked hard to plan and present a wonderful Veteran’s Day recognition ceremony. The children were encouraged to invite a veteran. Seventy-five veterans, from all branches of the military, attended the event. Some were in full uniform, men and women were represented, father and son veterans attended and each displayed a sense of pride for their service.

The children were excited but very respectful. As each child walked his or her veteran to the podium, small hands grasping large hands, aging hands, strong hands, their hearts were happy and faces very proud. These children are our future and one had to wonder where these children will go and what they will grow up to become.

I am sure this was not a state-mandated program. I am sure no teacher received extra pay for the time spent in prepration for this program. I am sure administrators and support staff helped to prepare for the ceremony in addition to their regular duties.

This is simply one example of many which reflects the commitment and dedication of the administration, teachers and support staff of Heath Springs Elementary School. Of course we are rural, but Heath Springs is first class everyday.