Health-care bill needs to be repealed

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Dr. Lee Thomas’ guest column, “Medical care in America has reached crossroads,” in the July 11 edition of The Lancaster News was excellent and confirms another article I read regarding Massachusetts. It states that 98 percent of Massachusetts’ residents now do have health-care coverage. However, one in seven cannot find a doctor.
In addition, health premiums are 28 percent higher there than in any other state. Just to call the bill “Protection and Affordable” with a cost of more than $2 trillion, along with higher taxes and a one-half trillion dollar hit to seniors paid for Medicare, seems like a scam in itself.
This bill is too long and complicated to try and tweak. We need to repeal it and start working on a plan that makes affordable, rather than costly welfare, the priority.
We need reform that does not create 159 new government agencies stuffed with thousands of costly new bureaucrats and IRS agents. It is said that 50 percent of current medical costs are due to obesity, smoking and litigation. Obamacare addresses none of them.
Since President Barack Obama will not support repeal, the private sector taxpayers will have to support one who will to protect themsleves and restore sanity.

Nicholas Pasquine