Have fun, be safe this Halloween

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Halloween – the annual fall fun and fright night – is set for Thursday in our community.
It’s a special time of year when youngsters take to the streets in their neighborhood for trick-or-treating.
Like any holiday, it should be a night of fun for all.
We urge those who plan to hit the streets to take a little time to note safety measures for the few hours they are out and about.
The night should be fun, and it usually is, but take a moment and review some key safety points to prevent disaster and possible tragedy.
According to a report, more children under 14 are struck by a vehicle on Halloween than on any other day of the year.
Costumes should be snug and short. Avoid any flowing costumes which might cause a child to trip.
Be sure that shoes fit well and don’t wear oversized shoes to cause a youngster to trip and fall. If a child wears a mask, make sure the eye holes are wide so the child can see.
An alternative would be to use face paint, and possibly glow-in-the dark paint.
Costumes, especially those which are mostly dark, should feature reflective tape.
Glow in the dark bracelets are another good option to consider.
Trick-or-treaters should use sidewalks and cross at crosswalks and intersections. Advise youngsters not to cross and run between parked cars.
Adults need to consider safety tips for the night.
If you’re at home and plan to give out treats, be sure outside lights and porch lights are on. Check your yard and make sure it is clear of hoses and yard furniture that could trip the young trick-or-treaters. Be sure your pet is restrained. Parents should make sure children go in neighborhoods which they are familiar with.
Adults who are driving are reminded to use caution and watch for excited youngsters who might not be totally focused on safety.
Drive extra slow and consider walking with the kids. Be sure and take a charged cell phone, and have it ready in the event there’s some type of accident.
When the evening of fun is over, parents should check all the goodies before the treats are eaten.
If you suspect something wrong, don’t hesitate to call local law enforcement for advice.
No matter your plans for the evening, we wish all a happy Halloween.
Remember, it’s a fun night and the best tip is to use common sense in any situation.