Hartley is right; The News, not TV, will be here for readers

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By The Staff

I wanted to comment on Jenny Hartley’s column in the Aug. 8 edition of The Lancaster News.

Having worked in law enforcement and the electric utility industry, I understand being on the scene in a coffee-deprived and groggy state of mind.

If I had been there I would most likely have laughed out loud if I had been asked the location of the Lancaster County Courthouse. Sorry, I can’t always be diplomatic – sometimes I’m just human.

The Internet and other modern methods of communication have helped us evolve into a society that is besieged with 24/7, instantaneous access to breaking news. As with all things, that is good and bad.

The competitive nature of television news has sadly brought about a change to see who can be first with a story and to also see who can stretch the life of the story over the most back-to-back newscasts.

In my opinion that approach often takes a lot of the deeper meaning out of an event and I do agree with Hartley that The Lancaster News staff will be here as the community sifts through the remains and moves forward.

The world of television journalism certainly has its place, but there are times when we need more and that only comes from a local journalistic source. Let’s hope that the local papers don’t continue to disappear in the name of progress and bottom lines.

Thanks for a humorous and insightful article.

Freddie Hutchens