Harris will take a positive stand for all residents

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I am a Lancaster resident and I want to point out a few facts about the  two candidates running for the District 3 City Council seat – Jackie Harris and Linda Blackmon-Brace.
The question of where Blackmon-Brace lives – Rose Lane or Arch Street – has been addressed in stories in this newspaper. There is no question where Harris lives. She lives on Springs Street. Harris is trustful.
Blackmon-Brace claims to be a strong Democrat. Though City Council seats are non-partisan, she attends Democratic Party meetings yet works for Republican candidates. How strong of a Democrat is that? Harris has integrity.
I encourage you to have conversations with Blackmon-Brace and Harris about economic issues, legislation and policies governing our city. I guarantee Harris will be on point with all key issues. Harris is smart and intelligent.
It is time to replace Blackmon-Brace with a person such as Jackie Harris, who will make informed and intelligent decisions based on facts. She will encourage and support those around her. She’ll take a positive stand for all people in District 3 as well as all city residents.
It’s new day, Lancaster.
Vote for integrity. Vote for intelligence. Vote for Jackie Harris to win.

Jacqueline Bailey