Harris will make effective community leader

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Congratulations to city residents living in District 3. It was a pleasure to hear that Jackie Harris has decided to run for a City Council seat. She has the skills and talent to be an effective community leader.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jackie Harris for almost 20 years. Initially as a co-worker at the Lancaster Children’s Home, she’s continued to be a close friend. Whether we’re discussing a child’s case or a Sunday school lesson, the compassion and support are there.
Over the years, I’ve found Jackie Harris to be an effective leader who has earned the respect and loyalty of those around her. With effective listening skills, she has a way of communicating with people that gives them a level of comfort and the feeling that they’ve been heard. I have no doubt that the voters of District 3 will also get to know this special character trait.
I must admit that I’ve heard of some alarming activities that occur during elections. However, I know Jackie Harris will conduct a campaign that she can be proud of. She will also require that those who help her be held to the same high standard.
Jackie Harris will address her opponent Linda Blackmon-Brace with respect due to her as a seated council person. However this is nothing new for Jackie Harris. That is her character.
This election will allow residents in District 3 to have a choice and a voice.
I’ve heard Jackie Harris say many times that this election is not about her, but about the people she serves and works with. If the people in District 3 are ready for a change, someone who is rooted and grounded in her community, someone who is accessible, someone who will have her finger on the pulse of the community, someone who knows that everyone has a voice, then on election day voters need to vote for Jackie Harris.
Ms. Harris has a wonderful and well-stated slogan full of hope. “It’s a new day.”

Wardell Carter Jr.