Handicapped parking spots not for the able-bodied

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I am very upset with the number of people who park illegally in handicapped parking zones in Lancaster County (Indian Land).
My wife and I live in Indian Land. I could have acquired a handicap tag two years ago, when I had my second heart failure. But I waited and just recently got one.
We visit Walmart on U.S. 521 about three or four times a week. There has never been a time when we don`t see one or two cars parked in handicapped parking without a window tag or a license plate for handicap parking.
I have seen many people – healthy-looking people – park in these handicap spots and get out of their vehicle and dart into the store. When I look there is nothing on their vehicle about handicap parking.
It`s not just Walmart. It also happens at Food Lion and Aldi`s, also on U.S. 521.
We stopped at Aldi`s just to pick up a few things. I parked in the handicapped parking, where I am legally allowed to park.
There was no one else in the other handicap parking spots. When we came out  of the store a large SUV was parked in the very first handicapped parking spot (the one that says van accessible). I looked in the window and there was no handicapped tag hanging from the mirror. When I went to put my things in the back of my vehicle, I saw the SUV did not  have a handicapped license plate, but a dealer plate.
We saw the man come out and get into the vehicle. He looked to weigh about 300 pounds and appeared very healthy. I guess he figures a dealer plate is just as good as a handicapped license plate.
Why do these people feel that they can park in these spots? These spots were made for handicapped people.
Many times, I have had to park in a non-handicapped parking spot and walk by a vehicle parked in a handicap spot, yet it had no handicap tags.
I believe there are more non-handicapped people parking in the handicap zone then handicapped people parking in them.
The signs say it is a $200 fine for parking in spots reserved for the handicapped. I believe if sheriff’s officers would check these areas about once a week, they would be writing out a lot of tickets.
Maybe if some of these people would get a $200 fine or see an officer writing out a ticket for illegal parking, it would put a stop to this.

Cecil Sexton
Indian Land