Grumble or learn to live with it

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By W.B. Evans

Years ago when I was a youngster, I heard older folks grumbling about all kinds of stuff. Seems like back then our politicians took time to listen and some wrongs were corrected or made a little easier for us.

In the last five years, factories and many small businesses have closed. People are out of work. Gas prices are soaring, oil companies are reaping record profits. Interest rates go up for consumers, rates go down for banks. Hourly workers work less hours per week and CEOs rake in millions. New taxes are added as wages decline. Developers build a glut of new homes and many end up in foreclosure. The United States has the finest medical facilities in the world, but only a few can afford them.

Many paid into retirement plans, private or government-controlled, which have failed or face peril.  Politicians spend outrageous amounts to be elected so they may serve us. The salaries for those positions are far less than the perks they have awarded themselves.  We read that lobbyists spend billions to gain support for their programs.

Do you wonder who ends up with the money? The American dollar is worth less in foreign markets. Once a world leader in commerce, we are now the ‘borrower” nation depending on foreign countries to stay afloat.

We have three U.S. senators seeking the office of president of the United States of America and I don’t mean Larry, Curly and Moe. Name one of them who has put forth a reasonable plan. Not a lot of political babble, but something worthwhile? You know with all the troubles facing us, surely someone has at least one plan which looks workable at a reasonable cost.

We keep sending the same folks to Congress. What have they done for us?  How many real jobs have been created?

Each month Washington tells us that thousands of new jobs have been created. How many did Lancaster, Kershaw or Heath Springs get? Maybe Lancaster broke even, we lost jobs at Burger King, but picked up some as the grass cutting season begins.

America has been waging a “War on Drugs” for years with no end in sight. Will our effort in Iraq meet the same fate?

Why can’t I wash my car if I don’t water my lawn?  Yes, I am now a member of that army of old folks who grumble. I am not a super delegate, but I’ll cast my vote hoping it will make a small difference.

W.B. Evans