Griffin: Regional landfill would benefit county

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Mike Griffin

ve been a proud neighbor and contributing member of Lancaster County’s business community for more than 15 years, as owner and operator of the Mining Road Industrial and C&D Landfill.
Throughout our history in the community, we’ve always tried our best to be an open, honest and interactive neighbor. Over the past year, our dedication to and awareness of the issues facing local businesses and the community inspired our hard work and interest in growing our business in Lancaster County to increase the benefits to the community through job creation and a greater focus on recycling and sustainability.
This past year, we conducted our due diligence by researching potential sustainable business initiatives and meeting with local business and community leaders such as the Lancaster County Council, as well as potential business partners and local neighbors.
Our discussion centered on how we could maximize the economic development opportunities of our current site, while maintaining our long-term presence in the community. We determined that the creation of an environmental center and eco-industrial park offered the best long-term use and maximized potential benefits for Lancaster County and its citizens.
With enhanced recycling and reprocessing opportunities, including an expansion of our existing operations to include a small, regional sanitary landfill with gas-to-energy capabilities, this environmental center creates the opportunity to position Lancaster County as a leader in sustainability and will serve as a model for economic development in the region.
We are excited that Waste Management, which is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America for nearly 20 million municipal, commercial, industrial and residential customers, is willing to be our partner in this endeavor. The viability and quality of the project is ensured by Waste Management’s skill, financial strength and ability to deliver superior solid waste service, including good environmental stewardship. They are committed to providing the highest quality service and support for local communities.
Lancaster County Council performed its due diligence on this proposal by researching other similar projects and visiting comparable sites to see what an environmental center looks like with their own eyes, along with making sure that the approval process was consistent with the typical practice used for all economic development projects in the county.
County Council’s hard work ensured that the most value was extracted from the host agreement to the betterment of the county and its citizens. With council’s support, the Lancaster Environmental Center will not only enhance the county’s management of its waste and position the county as a leader in sustainability, but will also provide substantial benefits to the citizens of Lancaster County, including the following:
u $20 million initial investment for Lancaster County, including creation of 50 initial construction jobs and between 10-15 permanent jobs
u Free disposal services for Lancaster County citizens (guaranteed for the life of the site at an annual savings of $500,000 - $1,000,000 for Lancaster County)
u Annual host fees of $125,000-$512,500 paid to Lancaster County
u Creation of two recycling convenience sites for Lancaster County, which is an initial investment of $750,000
u $200,000 generated annually for Lancaster County from personal property taxes
u Take over composting operations from Lancaster County
u Renewable energy generated at the site will help attract new businesses to the region looking for a source of sustainable energy
On behalf of Griffin Brothers, we are excited to provide this major opportunity to Lancaster County. The combination of direct benefits and contributions from this project are significant as it will launch Lancaster County to the forefront of sustainability in South Carolina and the region, with potential to attract new businesses and jobs. We are committed to making this a project that every citizen in Lancaster County can benefit from and be proud of.

Mike Griffin
Griffin Brothers