Gregory is a proven leader

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On Feb. 22, there is a special primary to determine the Republican candidate for the S.C. District 16 Senate seat.  Since it is a special primary, it is a time when few people vote.
This means your vote counts more than most elections. I am asking you to vote for a proven leader – Greg Gregory.
During the 16-year period between 1992 and 2008, Greg Gregory fought harder than anyone for us, the citizens of his district.
He was instrumental in preserving the University of South Carolina at Lancaster, understands the issues we face and has the experience to work with others in Columbia to help shape our future. He is fiscally responsible with the money we send our state and has a conservative voting record.
As a small business owner, Greg has an understanding of how the economy has declined in the past few years.  
This assures us that he will focus his skills on improving our economy as soon as we get him back into office where he can help us.
Let’s take the first step in putting Greg Gregory back in office on Feb. 22.

Chad Pinkston
Indian Land