Gregory letter: Vote yes on state’s constitutional amendment

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On this year’s ballot, there is a question concerning whether the state’s governor and lieutenant governor should run as a single ticket, as do our U.S. president and vice president. As someone who has advocated bringing our state’s creaky government structure into modern times, I want to strongly encourage every voter to mark “yes” on this question. South Carolina’s governor and lieutenant governor should run together, as a ticket, and work as teammates, not adversaries. 

Our country’s forefathers figured this out on the national level almost 150 years ago, but we have yet to do so. Now is our chance. 

If you were running the state, you would want your second-in-command to be someone with whom you agreed politically, and to whom you could delgate responsibility. Also, for the state’s sake, if something happened to the governor, a hand-picked lieutenant governor would be able to make a much more seamless transition to holding the office than would a potential adversary. 

Vote “yes” and help bring our state government further into the modern age, beginning in 2018, when this change would take effect.

S.C. Sen. Greg Gregory