Gregory is the best choice for state Senate

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There should always be reasons a voter casts his or her vote for a candidate. In the upcoming special S.C. Senate District 16 election, I will cast mine for Greg Gregory.
I have several reasons but, in the sense of brevity, will cite only four.
The first is experience. Like the other 49 states, South Carolina faces its own problems. To help deal with them, District 16 needs to send the best qualified person it can to Columbia. Greg Gregory has already completed 16 years in the Senate. He serves on the University of South Carolina board of trustees. He has the education and the business experience. In short, he is the best choice.
The second is improving education. Lowering District 16’s unemployment rate and improving education are inextricable. They are bound together. Greg Gregory knows this. He has said repeatedly improving and strengthening the University of South Carolina at Lancaster., Winthrop University, York Technical College and the public elementary and high schools of our district are at the top of his priority list. I believe him. Again, he is the best choice.
Third, protecting the environment is a big concern to him. He did not hesitate to state his opposition to the recently proposed mega garbage dump for southern Lancaster County. That kind of courage is impressive, and courage is necessary when out very ecosystem could be at stake. Greg Gregory is the best choice.
Finally, exercising fiscal responsibility in the uncertain times is crucial for any public servant. I have known Greg Gregory for most of his life. He has never wavered in his conservative approach to the fiscal side of government. We are a conservative district with conservative values. Greg Gregory personifies these values. He is the best choice.

Charles C. Moore