Grants could have been used for library

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By The Staff

I am responding to the story “Schools get s $4.5 million from feds” in the July 16 edition of The Lancaster News. The grants are to be used to reduce alcohol use, foster more physical activity among students and encourage them to go to college.

Grants are those gifts from Washington that don’t have to be paid back. Apparently they come like manna from heaven.

Surely, there is some better explanation for the three-year $941,000 Carol M. White grant than to “track obesity and devise ways to get students to exercise and eat healthy.” Interactive video games such as Nintendo Wii are part of that aim.

Folks, do you realize that your tax dollars are funding more than $300,000 a year to study fat kids and what they eat versus what they shouldn’t eat? In addition, they can play Nintendo.

With the economy in a downward spiral, obesity will soon take care of itself, grant or no grant.

Wouldn’t it be nice if $200,000 of that grant could fund the need for books and furnishings at the new Indian Land library? The $809,000 three year grant to keep kids from drinking is questionable, at best. I liked it better when Congressman John Spratt was giving out fire trucks. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could get us a new courthouse?

W.B. Evans