GOP campaign is a circus

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Welcome, children of all ages. This year’s circus has and will continue to provide some of the most death-defying, unbelievable stunts, never before performed in the public arena.
Keep your eyes on the center ring, as the starring act is changing more quickly than at any time in history. Each week brings a new set of clowns and new approaches to comedy than have ever been presented before.
Move over Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, we have a new show on the world stage. It’s called the “Republican Campaign for the Nomination for President of the United States.”
What has been taking place for the past several months has been a circus of gigantic proportions. Between the open fighting of the candidates, to the disappointing debates that have taken place on too many occasions, one is left to wonder who is in charge of the zoo.
Sadly, instead of really debating the problems facing our nation, the candidates are more interested in the dirt that can be collected and published about each other.
I sincerely wonder if anyone on the campaign committees has given a thought to the ammunition the Republicans are providing the Democratic National Committee that will allow them, with minimal effort, to run away with the election in November?
The Republican opposition needs only to sit back, take notes and laugh, along with the rest of the world, as the Republican Party seems to self-destruct.
Never before have I witnessed such vitriol, such vicious attacks and personal insults as I have seen in this cycle of choosing a candidate.
How can I, as a Republican, go to the polls and vote for someone that has been the lead clown in a world-wide circus? Forget me, how about those Independents or disaffected Democrats that were considering a Republican possibility? How are they to decide?
The Republican candidates are squandering the greatest opportunity that has been presented in years for the party to regain control of the U. S. government.
In my opinion, someone needs to take the lead or the high ground in this instance and decide, unilaterally, to campaign on our problems, and not on each other’s transgressions.
To paraphrase a biblical quote, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” All of the candidates have a proverbial skeleton in their closets. Why do they seem to be competing for the prize of Best Skeleton in Show?
It is time that we voiced our concerns and that the candidates heard our pleas. I am not really interested in your dirty laundry. I want to hear how you can help my country return to its greatness and regain the world’s respect, instead of derision.
The DNC should show its gratitude to all of the candidates and their exemplary performances during the campaign season and send the largest gift basket in history to the chosen son, in September.
How better to say thanks? We have given the opposition all they need and it didn’t cost them a dime. If we continue on this self-destructive path, we will have surrendered our conservative principles to another term of insanity in government.
Please, Mitt. Please, Newt. Please, Rick and Ron. Please remove the funny noses and conical hats you’ve all been wearing and show your supporters who you really are and what you really stand for and what you intend to do as president. Regain the respect and trust of those who stand behind you.
The future is what we make it and, so far, in this election cycle, the future is looking dim for my party of choice.

Bruce Miller is an Indian Land resident.