The GOP’s bad red behavior

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Michael Jedson

I would like to respond to Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell’s article, “Glimmer of Hope,” in the Dec. 27, 2013, edition and S.C. Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore’s article, “Red to the Roots,” in the Dec. 29, 2013, edition of The Lancaster News.

Moore said, “It was only within the last two decades that Republicans gained majorities in the S.C. General Assembly and among our state’s nine constitutional officers.”

Is South Carolina proud of its lack of accomplishments in the last two decades? I’m not proud of many of our representatives and senators in Columbia or Washington. This state is a laughingstock in the eyes of the rest of the nation with the various ethics violations committed by Nikki Haley, our Tea Party governor, and Richard Eckstrom, our controller general.

Moore correctly said, “It’s time for change because our taxpayers deserve better.”

In his article, McConnell said, “How vulnerable our state’s poor and indigent population is” and uses the example of helping one gentleman who had been without electricity since 2009, who finally got some help in 2013.

He said, “We must do everything we can to make sure that a helping hand is available.” Very true. Then why is it that the governor turned down the Medicaid expansion? This would have helped about 250,000 citizens in need. Why is it that the S.C. Department of Revenue’s security was not kept up-to-date? That debacle has put nearly every South Carolina taxpayer in jeopardy of identity theft.

Moore wants “to recruit strong candidates focused on good government and low taxes” for local offices. He uses Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faille as an example of success. It seems hypocritical to me for someone to run for re-election as a Democrat, to win the election as a Democrat, then decide to switch parties. Hardly an example of good ethics.

Finally, Mr. Moore ends with “tax-and-spend Democrats are now on notice in Lancaster County, as well as all of South Carolina – their days are numbered.”

Funny, I would have said the same for Republicans in this election year.

When informed voters see the record of South Carolina’s conservative, corrupt leadership, they will vote for the party that cares about all South Carolinians, not just the well-to-do.

Michael Jedson is an Indian Land resident.