Good News Clubs are making a difference

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A Supreme Court decision in 2001, after reviewing the constitution, decided that it was unconstitional to deny access to a Christian-based organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship Good News Clubs, access to school property. Because of that decision prayer was allowed back into schools.
Many states, counties, churches and individuals are unaware of the greatness of God in getting prayer back into schools, and the vehicle he used – Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).
If you are unaware of the work being done by God through CEF Good News Clubs in your area then you are urged to visit www.cef-sc.org/crc.
If you are encouraged by the way God is using this organization and you would like to become a partner with God in Chester, Lancaster or York counties then contact your local director at (803) 324-9888. He or she will share with you ways you can become an active partner as a church, volunteer, donor or committee member. Because a soul is a terrible thing to lose.

Marshall Benson