Good family entertainment has a price tag

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By W.B. Evans

I praised the Palmetto Thunder Air Show in my “Remember when” column because it was excellent, well staffed and  fans were on their best behavior.

My son invited me to attend and  assist at the recycling booth. We both paid the $15 admission fee as we entered the gates. I can understand free tickets for law enforcement and emergency operating teams. I seriously doubt if their free admission was responsible for the shortfall.

It is a difficult task to ensure ticket sales will equal or even come close to contractual obligations. In these difficult times, county government is on the hot seat when it forks over $75,000 to make up the difference.

However, failure  to meet the obligation would have placed a black mark on the credibility of Lancaster in any future endeavor.

Maybe a lesson has been learned. Good clean family entertainment has its price tag, too.

Let’s just move on. If we plan another family event, take a good look before we sign a contract.

Also, consider a liability insurance policy.


W.B. Evans