Give maximum sentences for child abusers

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I am writing to share the outrage I felt as I read the story, “Father gets one year for incest” in the December 12, 2012, issue of The Lancaster News.  
How can it be that a man who committed such a dreadful crime be given a suspended 15-year sentence to just one year?
As a teacher and therapeutic foster parent, I have witnessed first-hand the challenges and devastation that face children who have endured child abuse from a parent – the one who is suppose to love and protect them.
How can it be that the systems that are established to give just punishment to those who harm others get away with such a lenient consequence for such a horrific act?
In my opinion, the judicial system has condoned incest with its leniency and not given the victim and her family any honor or justice.
Child abuse destroys innocent children’s lives everyday.
I hope that in the future the judicial system will do as Ms. Stevens asked in the article and “start holding our abusers accountable.”
The courts have been given the responsibility of administering the consequences to criminals who break the law.  
I ask that in the future they will do more to protect South Carolina’s children by issuing the maximum sentence to child abusers who devastate the lives of children and their families.

Nancy Fish