Garris ‘exemplifies excellence’

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I am happy to recommend Tamara Garris for re-election to City Council in District 4. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for 20 years. She is a hard worker and gets the job done.
Tamara has proven her leadership skills over the past four years. I have enjoyed reading about her online in The Lancaster News. It makes me feel good to read about someone doing something to make a difference in her community, instead of all of the killings going on in my hometown.
She has really worked hard and diligently in her district and represents it well. She is organized, efficient and willing to do whatever is needed to get a particular task finished. Her cooperative attitude and good cheer are important and appreciated. Tamara is a valuable asset to any position she is placed in. She is a person who exemplifies excellence, is not afraid of a challenge and always rises to the occasion.
The citizens of Lancaster should be proud to have her as a representative for District 4 and should vote for her on Nov. 6.

Angela Mackey