Gaffes aplenty at convention

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The Democratic National Party had an official party gaffe at its recent convention. A gaffe is when a politician or party official actually says what he or she mean.
The Democrats had several at the convention. They told us about themselves and we should pay attention.
The Democrats had a “God-is-out, but-now-he is-back-in-boo-God!” event with a voice vote. They had numerous speeches in favor of unlimited abortion and a non-stop celebration of homosexuality with a push for gay quasi-marriage. God is back “in” now in word only.
They also attempted to camouflage themselves as Christians. A UMC pastor got on stage and said that God belongs on the same platform with free unlimited abortions and gay marriage. He must have one of those new bibles.
It is true that the Democratic Party is the party of free unlimited abortion, sodomy and sharia law, the all-consuming state, who now controls the White House, Senate, courts, enemedia, schools and universities. This is a partial list of the democrat gods that control our society.
A biblical truth is that if we do not submit to the one true God there are many false gods for us to submit to.
We, the people, have created a monster I call Fedzilla. It is too big, too costly, too bureaucratic, too powerful and too hungry for our liberties. Our monster is now our master like Seymour’s Aubrey II in a Little Shop of Horrors. “Feed me, Seymour” is now “feed me, citizen.”
For almost half of America today, Fedzilla is their god. It must no longer be worshiped. No third party votes and do not keep your self-righteous self at home on Nov. 6 because you do not like the candidates.
The Democratic Party is an example of religious confusion. It has an assorted set of contradictory doctrines that prove that the master of darkness and his servants are effective deceivers. (John 8:44) The master of darkness even finds pastors willing to serve him today. (Acts 20:28-30) The Democratic Party has great pleasure in its unrighteousness.
1 John 1:8 tells us “..the truth is not in us.” We must find the truth, but never try to create it.

Rudy Schmidt