Furniture and people can be a lot alike

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By The Staff

I have wanted an antique mantle all my life. For my birthday I got $160. I took my money and found an old mantle in back of Southern Attic for $150. You could hardly see it because it had bird houses and hanging flowers on it.

My mother, Jeanette Estridge, taught my sister, Marian Starnes, and me to look for treasures no one else sees. I found mine. It was beautiful. It had some pieces broken off and they were probably lost years ago, but it was beautiful.

I called Al Palmer, who restores antique furniture, and asked him if he could make the mantle look like it did when was made, probably in the 1930s or '40s. When he brought it back to my house I wanted to cry. All the broken pieces down the left side of the mantle leg were fixed. The missing piece from the right side was replaced. And the stain was beautiful.

The mantle looks so pretty in my room. It stands 52 1/2 inches tall and surrounds my fireplace.

Furniture and people can be a lot alike. With the love and care you give them, they can bring back life and beauty.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I say let every eye see that beauty, whether in birds, flowers, people, anything, even that old piece of furniture no one wanted. Give it love and patience and watch what happens.

Myra and Billy Dale McCants