Four examples of what’s good about Lancaster

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Evy Lee Williams at Elliott Shoe Repair is one of Lancaster’s true diamonds. Two years ago, I bought a white mink jacket at Goodwill for $7.99. Mr. Williams was able to repair the pelts that were torn apart. Now, at the age of 68, I have my first mink jacket and I love it. It’s kind of small, but for $7.99, it’s mine.
Mr. Williams has repaired shoes, pocket books, long leather coats and many other items, including several of  Billy Dale’s cowboy boots. He has done the same for many other people. And he treats everyone the same.
If you ever have a chance, please stop by and visit Mr. Williams. I feel sure you too will consider him a true diamond.
Congratulations to Janice Dabney on being named the new CEO for Springs Memorial Hospital. She should have had that position more than 20 years ago. Why do we always look elsewhere to fill these positions when we have qualified people here?
Congratulations also to Mandy Powers Norrell for being elected to the S.C. House District 44 seat. She is the first female legislator in the District 44 seat.
I’m glad Barry Faile was re-elected Lancaster County sheriff.
We have “We are Lancaster” signs all over the county. We are proud of Lancaster. Williams, Dabney, Norrell and Faile are great examples of what’s good about Lancaster County. They truly care and so do we.

Myra and Billy Dale