Former resident enjoys giving back to community

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I was born in Lancaster and moved to Atlanta 13 years ago to further my career in the celebrity hair and barbering world. I was given a great opportunity by Douglas Thompson of Flava’s Barbershop and Tarrance Davidson of ICE Entertainment to join them on their styling team. I was recently asked to participate in the 65th anniversary Barber Nation Battle of the Baddest, Boldest and Best Barber to be held in February 2012 in Atlanta.
I am now a full-time pastor and CEO of the Vision of Christ Ministries. I also work at Brady Career Academy as a behavioral assistant for children and a make-up artist for Meadow Funeral Home in Atlanta. I am a creative design runway teacher and stylist, as well.
Through Christ, all things are possible and he has strengthened me every day into being a better person and passing his word to others. Before my mother died, she had a vision of helping the less fortunate in the Lancaster community through a special day in which we would help our community, especially the youth. She started planning the first event, but unfortunately died before it would take place.
In remembrance of her, each year I hold a kids day festival where we give aid and guidance to the community and provide positive influences for youth. Coming back to Lancaster each year is the greatest thing I can do. I love reaching the community through the love of God’s hands and giving back to the very place I was born and raised.
With the help of Mayor Joe Shaw, Police Chief Harlean Howard and City Councilman Kenny Hood, our past Kids Day Festival on July 16 had a great turn out with more than 1,000 attendees.
We look forward to giving another great showcase of talent and a lot more this upcoming year on July 14, 2012. See you there.

Javon Crockett