Florida jury failed justice for Caylee

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Oscar Y. Harward

In all professions, there are some who are excellent, most who are average, and some who are not-so-good. As we have viewed the justice for Caylee in the Florida court, we have witnessed some of the worst on the Casey Anthony defense team.
The purpose of this criminal trial was to provide justice for Caylee. Under our Constitution and general statutes, it is important for all to understand that all accused of crime are innocent until proven guilty. All trial witnesses and evidence must be open and honest.
Our judiciary should not allow, under oath, the lying by individuals, misrepresentations and/or any other falsified items, products, etc.
As I viewed Casey Anthony’s entire trial on the Internet, the defense team with some six or more lawyers, at taxpayers’ expense, presented their own expert witnesses who ended up admitting the FBI experts were right and/or these same defense team expert witnesses contradicted their own earlier testimony.
It appeared most defense team expert witnesses were there for money and fame – not justice.
This defense team was successful for themselves and their defendant, Casey Anthony. This trial was a rerun of the O.J. Simpson trial.
This trial included an effort to damage and/or destroy all the FBI specialists, other professional specialists, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Roy Kronk, who found Caylee Anthony’s remains, and even other members of the Anthony family; all while attempting to protect the most compulsive liar I have ever seen in a courtroom. At the same time, it appeared Casey Anthony was pleased with the entire destruction.
This defense team was successful for themselves and their defendant, Casey Anthony, using the same junk science former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards (D-NC),  did in collecting some hundreds of millions of dollars in health care lawsuits. In the end, it was stunning in listening to the court verdict as reported from the Pinnellas County, Fla., jury.
My question is how can anyone with an open mind and any common sense accept as factual the defense team’s own expert witnesses? How and why did this court and this jury allow the defense team to falsify and/or improperly repudiate the professional evidence as presented by the entire Federal Bureau of Investigation, other professional specialists, Orange County Sheriff’s Office and even Kronk?
How and why did this jury accept the defense team’s oxymoron testimony? Shame on this defense team. Shame on this jury.
Does this criminal trial represent the failures of our judiciary in Florida or anywhere else? Does this criminal trial represent what the American Bar Association (ABA) has done with legislation to our general statutes?
Does this criminal trial represent what the ABA has done to our culture? If so, this is an expanding problem in an, otherwise, honorable and free society. Now is the time for reviewing our Constitution as foreseen and proposed for by our founding fathers and retooling our old English law common-sense general statues.
Prosecuting crime has become an examination in science. Today, general statues are allowing and requiring more defense lawyers to represent and/or misrepresent the accused offender while allowing this required science to be shredded for criminal reasons.
This was a criminal trial where the Florida court allowed a defense team to prevent misaligned testimony, and then attempt to prevent the states’ prosecution from challenging the misrepresented and/or falsified evidence and/or testimony. 
It appears that this jury swallowed the defense team’s entire hook, line and sinker. How unwitting a decision.
Unfortunately, this jury failed justice for Caylee. The state of Florida did a great job. The Casey Anthony defense team misused justice in their closing arguments.
The entire defense team and each jury member must live with these multiple faulty decisions.
Everyone with one ounce of common sense should know that it is impossible to ascertain fingerprints, DNA, etc. from a body and/or other items that have been deteriorating in a swamp for about six months.

Oscar Y. Harward lives in Monroe.