Flippin’ the Script Aug. 4-5 at USCL

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Michele Roberts
For The Lancaster News
A good piece of advice is to never let your past dictate your future, and Lancaster native Patience Montgomery is coming to town in August with a message of hope for anyone stuck in a rut due to past mistakes.
Montgomery, an evangelist who founded the Flippin’ the Script women’s conference based in Houston, Texas, said this will be the fifth anniversary of the conference and she is excited to present her message to those who are feeling pressed down because of past choices that didn’t work out.
“What we want to do with this is encourage attendees to let go of excess baggage from the past so they can move forward,” Montgomery said. “People don’t have to remain the victim of bad choices, and become stagnant where they are. You must put the past behind you and press forward into a new and better future.”
Montgomery speaks from experience – a period of time when she found herself a single mother and going through many hardships and trials.
“I was already a minister at the time, but I felt myself slipping into this negative sort of mindset that life would never get any better, and one day I just decided I was tired of always taking such a negative view of things,” she said. “I decided I was going to put a solid faith in God and trust him no matter what things looked like around me. I was determined to ‘flip the script’ that the devil was handing me and start replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones.”
Montgomery said that “Flippin’ the Script” sounded like a good name for a women’s conference, but was afraid it didn’t sound religious enough.
“I thought it sounded good, but I started wondering what it would sound like to other people, you know, and I was afraid people might get the wrong idea because that sort of title wasn’t holy enough or something,” she said with a laugh. “But later, I really felt like God told me that was the name and to go with it.”
Montgomery indeed flipped the script on her situation, and earned a bachelor’s degree in theology along with becoming a registered nurse.
“Whether its going back to school, starting a new career, whatever the case may be, I just want to stir people up in the understanding that it is never too late to begin again, your past does not have to determine where you go in your future, you can do anything you want, just start to do something,” she said. “This conference will provide something for everybody.”
Titled “No More Baggage – Moving Forward,” the Flippin’ The Script Women’s Conference will take place Aug. 4-5 at Stevens Auditorium, on the University of South Carolina Lancaster campus on Hubbard Drive.
The conference will feature Psalmist Martha Cambridge, Spoken Word Artist Kathy Wade, comedians Myra “Ray Ray” Clark and Nikita B, and speaker Sheresa Jones.
Minister Felicia Nicole Hood, also a Lancaster native, will attend as well as Pastor Katiti Revell from Agape International Ministries in Rock Hill. Locally, the Rev. AnThony Pelham of Faith, Hope and Victory Christian Church will attend as a guest speaker.
“This will be my first time participating in the conference, and I am excited about what she is bringing to the community,” Pelham said. “From what I have heard, her conferences have always been a great success, and I am glad to be a part of it.”
Early registration for the conference ends June 1. Admission prices are $20 per person for general seating, $15 for teenagers or $30 for VIP reserved seating. After June 1, ticket prices will increase by $5. Admission is good for both days of the conference.
For details, call (281) 798-0286 or (832) 478-5054 or visit the ministry website at www.flippinthescript.webs.com.