Flanders posts rare golf feat

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Lancaster senior golfer

By Robert Howey



A regular round of Sunday golf produced some extraordinary play by Lancaster senior golfer George Flanders.

Flanders, in his weekly Sunday outing on Dec. 9, shot a 71 which was highlighted by a double eagle, also known as an albatross, and an eagle at the Lancaster Golf Club.

“I’ve only seen one double eagle in my life,” said Flanders, who noted he’s been playing golf for 50-plus years.

“I’d have to say I was lucky,” said Flanders. 74. “The planets were lined up right.”

Flanders posted his first milestone shot, an eagle, on No. 6, a par 4. Flanders connected on his second shot from 90 yards away using a wedge.

Flanders was playing in a foursome which included his teammate that day, George Parsons.

“We really needed that eagle on No. 6,” Flanders said. “We were playing Billy Cauthen and Frank Ferguson and Cauthen had birdied No. 2, 3, 4 and 5. The eagle helped out.”

Then on No. 16, Flanders carded his double eagle, using a hybrid club and the shot covered 170 yards.

Flanders said every shot was crucial in the friendly victory that memorable Sunday afternoon.

“George Parsons had a late birdie to give us the win,” Flanders said.

“I’ve been playing golf on Sunday afternoon for 30 years and this is something I will remember for a long time.”

Larry Honeycutt, who usually plays with the foursome on Sunday afternoons, but missed out because he had to work in the LGC pro shop, said Flanders’ outing was special.

“I’ve been playing golf in Lancaster since 1951 and I’ve never seen, or heard of this,” Honeycutt said. “It’s amazing. One of those shots in golf is rare and two in the same round is something you just don’t see.

“One in a golf career is something, but two in one day for a senior golfer is a real tribute to his golf ability,” Honeycutt said. “Really, it’s quite a feat on the links.”

Lancaster Golf Club pro Phil Small echoed Honeycutt’s sentiments.

“That was really remarkable,” Small said. “We’ve had a double eagle and an eagle before, but not both in the same round or in the same day.”

“Those are rare golf shots and you just don’t see it happening like that,” Small said. “I’m sure it’s something George is always going to consider special in his golf career.”